O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

O Fuzion establishes a new concept of Chinese and Thai food in the city, creating delicious meals with a gourmet style. The most exigent clients recommend us for being the masters of Chinese cuisine, you have to check our menu and taste exquisite plates prepared by us. Don't waste more time eating always the same meals, choose the new sensation of the city, choose O Fuzion, The best Chinese Restaurant in Montreal. Order online or by phone we offer delivery service or come at 2862 Rosemont Montreal for pick up.

(514) 727-1889

2862 Rosemont Montreal QC

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O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

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Google Reviews
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Khadijah Dee

-Tasted awsome. Super yummy rice. Good quantity of food for the prices. My only deception food wise, the soo guy chicken we order was a bit to dry. Definitely will be ordering from this place again. One thing tho as you might have read in other review, we also had our delivery guy complain about the tip.-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Pari Goadri

-Always a pleasure ordering from here! My orders have always been without issues, and the food is spectacular offering a wide range a different cuisines cooked to perfection. I order here from once a month and have never been disappointed.-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
M Phillips

-Delivery notes are always read and accurately tended to (via their website delivery and Uber Eats delivery). My favorite Asian fusion to order from!-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Charles Torreiro

-O Fuzion, our go to for their great Chinese and Thai standards. Consistently good General Tao, Pad Thai, Peanut butter Chicken and crispy spinach and many more. Their Chinese Tapas" menu lets you order 4 different meals that you can easily split between 2-3 people for the cost of 2 normal dinners. I would highly recommend.-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Lydia Bouchard

-Don't mind the look of the store front. Good taste, the prices are fair and great service. I recommend it.-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)