O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

O Fuzion établit un nouveau concept de la cuisine chinoise et thaïlandaise dans la ville, la création de délicieux repas avec un style gastronomique. Les clients les plus exigeants nous recommandent d'être les maîtres de la cuisine chinoise, vous devez consulter notre menu et déguster plats exquis préparés par nous. Ne perdez plus de temps à manger toujours les mêmes repas, choisissez la nouvelle sensation de la ville, choisissez O Fuzion, le meilleur restaurant chinois à Montréal. Commandez en ligne ou par téléphone, nous offrons un service de livraison ou venez au 2862 Rosemont Montréal pour cherchez.

(514) 727-1889

2862 Rosemont Montreal QC

Heures de livraison

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

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Google Reviews
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)

-Very good food! Best General Tao, the sweet and sour chicken is very good too! The sesame beef is amazing too! Also the cashew chicken is good too. Going to try the Cantonese Chow Mein, so far Fami Li makes the best Cantonese Chow Mein in Montreal, also for best Peanut Chicken and Thai Curry Shrimp go to Kim Hour. But overall food on the menu, O Fusion has the best selection, the other places only have 1 or 2 plates that they are good. Kim Hour is expensive though. Also O Fusion has the best service, they make me feel valued as a customer. Edit: Ok I tried the Cantonese Chow Mein, it is just as good as the one from Fami Li, so I really have now reason to order from them again. The Cantonese Chow Mein is the only reason I order from them, everything else is meh on their menu. Also it is not a good thing that I have to request for Fami Li to put more sauce or juice in their Cantonese Chow Mein. They use to be good in the early 2000's and 90's, but they started cutting things out of the dinner for 6 menu and the General Tao is not as good as it once was. I really miss the baked almond cookies, I use to by 10 of them at a time and the General Tao use to have this taste that can only be found in China Town, yeah another good grocer closed and they had amazing BBQ pork. Seems things are only getting worse with time.-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Mick G

-Always satisfied when ordering here! Food is good, affordable and the portions are just right! O Fuzion has become quite the staple when we don't want to cook. Highly recommend! :)-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Eugene Struminsky

-Very pleasant surprize. Fluffy rice. Not overcooked veggies. Classic choices and combos.-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Amélie Bernard

-Always quick and complete order, I think the food is tastier than most asian cuisine quick restaurants I had. My boyfriend also likes their sushis!-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)
Pablo Perugorria

-I ordered today for the first time Amazing general tao chicken Perfectly tasty and well cooked Abundant The imperial roll and the wonton soup were also very good An inexpensive meal with a very high quality Delivered on time and very warm I'll absolutely repeat-

O Fuzion (Blvd. Rosemont)